Love … passion … excitement … anticipation … commitment.

All of these emotions will be experienced as you embark on a new path; a new journey hand-in-hand as a couple. Your wedding day is the culmination of the wedding planning process; a union of two hearts, two lives, and a future as one. You’ve envisioned the wedding of your dreams, a reflection of you as a couple, a day you will never forget and will fondly reminisce about forever.

Wedding planning can be a full-time job and in our society, there is an over-abundance of knowledge and a multitude of options and choices. The whole process can be overwhelming and time-consuming, rather than being an enjoyable and memorable experience for a couple. Luxe & Lavish Events Inc. will take its knowledge and expertise to not only plan a couple’s wedding, so that it is a true reflection of them as a couple, but also to allow a couple to enjoy their wedding without all of the stress that can come with planning “the event of their lifetime”.


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