Define: Luxe

1. The condition of being elegantly sumptuous.
2. Something luxurious; a luxury. Richness, elegance, luxury

adjective ˈlu̇ks, ˈləks, ˈlüks

French, luxury, from Latin luxus.]
French, from Latin luxus
First Known Use: 1888

About Luxe & Lavish Events inc.

Luxe & Lavish Events inc. is a wedding and event planning firm that is known for its stylish, elegant wedding designs and personal service in the Greater Toronto Area. With an emphasis on elegant, luxurious and sophisticated events, the focus is always on the details that makes an event not only unique but “unforgettable”. Weddings are always stunning affairs, creatively designed and intricately planned.

Luxe & Lavish Events Inc. prides itself on its personalized and professional service, its drive to bring a couple’s vision to life, and its focus on the details! We love weddings at Luxe & Lavish Events Inc. and desire to bring out the elegance and sophistication of this unforgettable day.

Whether you dream of a grand affair, a whimsical dream, a classic elegant event, or a romantic vintage occasion, Luxe & Lavish Events Inc. will walk alongside you on your path to the altar as your design director, your mediator, and your confidante.

Gina Da Fonte, Creative Director and Certified Wedding Planner

Gina-HermanstyneA certified Wedding Coordinator, Gina’s passion is working with couples and bringing their vision to life. Known for her stylish designs and classic elegance, Gina’s focus on the smallest of details is what makes her weddings unique and personal. Using her background in the legal field, Gina translates her analytical and detail-focused skills to plan sophisticated events and spectacular affairs. Whether your dream is to wed with the sand between your toes or you dream of feeling like royalty on your wedding day, Gina will bring her knowledge of the industry, trends and diverse vendors to every aspect of your wedding day so that it becomes an unforgettable event.

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